$90 million wing tabbed as top Grizzlies trade target

Memphis Grizzlies v Atlanta Hawks
Memphis Grizzlies v Atlanta Hawks / Paras Griffin/GettyImages

Since superstar Ja Morant made his long-awaited return to the hardwood following his 25-game suspension, it has become rather apparent that the Memphis Grizzlies are producing at a much higher level and, in turn, are coming across success at a more frequent rate.

That said, even with their winning 5-2 record with the stud guard back in the lineup, at 11-22 on the season it's evident that this team still has a ways to go before they can legitimately thrust themselves back into the playoff conversation, let alone the Play-In Tournament picture.

Assuming it's still their intent to claim a top-10 seed before the end of the regular season, many are of the belief that Memphis should strongly consider making some adjustments to their collection of players in an attempt to bolster their talent pool, and, considering trade season is currently in full swing, pursuing a deal for an outsourced baller is the most hotly discussed hypothetical path forward.

Of course, determining who GM Zach Kleiman could be eyeing on the trade market is truly anyone's guess at this point in time. That said, in the eyes of Bleacher Report writer Zach Buckley, the club's top target should be Washington Wizards wing, Kyle Kuzma.

Kyle Kuzma tabbed as top trade target for Memphis Grizzlies

Currently in his seventh season in the association, Kuzma has yet to establish himself as an official star in the league, though has consistently found himself putting up All-Star-worthy numbers, particularly throughout his three-year tenure with the Washington Wizards where he's posted 19.9 points, 7.5 rebounds, and 3.8 assists.

Mainly focusing on his offensive prowess, Buckley would go on to argue in his stance regarding Kuzma's fit with the Grizzlies that the forward could "settle in as their second or third scorer," while adding that this along with his abilities to hold his own on the defensive end could make him worth coughing up a few of their assets in a transaction for.

Despite already accomplishing quite a bit throughout his time in the league such as being named to the All-Rookie First Team in 2018 and helping the Los Angeles Lakers win their 17 NBA Championship back in 2020, 2023-24 is currently shaping up to be the 28-year-old's best season by far, as he's sporting averages of 23.1 points, 6.2 rebounds, and 4.3 assists on 46.6 percent shooting from the floor and 35.7 percent shooting from distance.

With his particular set of skills coupled with his ability to slot in at the completely decimated starting wing position, Buckley's decision to deem Kuzma as the top trade target for this Grizzlies team seems to make serious sense.

For the right price, Memphis might want to strongly consider pursuing his services prior to February 8's deadline, for his presence could prove to be quite beneficial both in the now as well as for the remaining three years of his $90 million deal.