2 Grizzlies who likely will have their numbers retired after Marc Gasol

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Mike Conley

Before Morant came aboard and took over the moniker of franchise one guard for Memphis, Mike Conley was the one who held down the fort in the backcourt. And while the league may not have given him the attention and star-studded monikers that they have to Ja, his impact on the team as a whole during his tenure is something that will never be forgotten by the Grizzlies faithful.

Spending 12 seasons running point in the 38103, Conley was more than just the sidekick to Marc Gasol during the Grit and Grind era.

Far from a Robin to the big's Batman, Memphis' former fourth overall pick established himself more as a true Nightwing, and, with his production mixed with longevity, etched himself into the top spot of a bevy of franchise records along the way.

As things currently stand, Conley holds the top spot in total points (11,733), assists (4,509), steals (1,161), three-point field goals made (2,894), and offensive win-shares (45.6) while placing second in overall win shares (71.4) and value over replacement (28.7).

On top of this, with him leading the charge, the Grizzlies saw seven trips to the postseason and, in 2012-13, went to their first and only Western Conference Finals.

Though his tenure came to an end during the summer of 2019, over the years since no love has been lost between him and the franchise, with the veteran even noting earlier this season how "thankful" he is to both the team and fanbase for the fact that "they basically raised me" during his early years in the association.

Currently serving as the starting floor general for the top-seeded Minnesota Timberwolves (33-14), it seems quite apparent that Conley (10.9 points and 6.4 assists on 43.9 percent shooting from deep) still has a few years left in the tank.

However, once he decides to call it a career, it should go without saying that his number 11 will be found dangling from the ceiling at FedEx Forum soon after.