Luke Kennard drops strong statement after Grizzlies game: 'I know what it takes to win'

Brooklyn Nets v Memphis Grizzlies
Brooklyn Nets v Memphis Grizzlies / Justin Ford/GettyImages

Monday night, the Memphis Grizzlies managed to exact revenge against the Brooklyn Nets following their blowout loss that came earlier last week.

Though a tight contest throughout, Grind City grinded things out until the final buzzer sounded where, after a few last-second fouls and free throw attempts, they pulled out a 106-102 victory.

Not only did this game serve as the official end to Memphis's five-game losing streak, but it also clinched Taylor Jenkins his 200 win as head coach of the team, placing him just 14 games behind the winningest coach in franchise history, Lionel Hollins.

Following the contest, star of the game Luke Kennard was asked to discuss what he believes the impact Jenkins has had on the Grizzlies throughout the ups and downs of the year. In response, the veteran two-guard had quite a praise-filled analysis of his headman's effect on both him and the team as a whole.

Luke Kennard talks impact of Grizzlies coach Taylor Jenkins

"He instilled a winning culture. I've only been here for a little over a year now and I know what it takes to win. He really puts us in positions to win as a group. He loves his team, he wants the best for us, and he continues to push us. I know he will throughout the rest of the season and I'm thankful that he's my coach."

Luke Kennard

Coming into the contest, Kennard had found himself receiving a substantial amount of heat from the media for his play this season, with some such as Lock on Grizzlies host Joe Mullinax slamming him for his lack of drive to shoot and take command of games with his scoring abilities.

Monday, the 27-year-old seemed to have answered the call, for not only did he lead all scorers on the night with 25 points while shooting 72.7 percent from the floor and 66.7 percent from deep but he also added 7 assists into the mix as well, showcasing his abilities to serve as not only a shot creator for himself but for others as well.

Amid such a low season, this bout against the Nets served as a real feel-good performance for both Kennard and coach Jenkins. Hopefully they can keep this momentum going as they gear up for a road titlt against the Phoenix Suns Wednesday evening.