3 major mistakes made by Grizzlies during 2024 NBA Draft

Looking back on the 2024 NBA Draft, the Memphis Grizzlies certainly had a few blunders on the night.
Memphis Grizzlies v Orlando Magic
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Grizzlies mistake No. 3) Not going for versatility at center

Let's say the Grizzlies were hell-bent on bringing on a new center in the first round of this year's draft, and, even with Clingan off the board, their goal was to land the next-best prospect available.

Are we really sure Edey's that guy?

Sure, he comes into the association fresh off a 2023-24 campaign where he won his second consecutive AP Player of the Year award, guided his team to the NCAA Championship round, and posted impressive per game averages of 25.2 points, 12.2 rebounds, and 2.2 blocks throughout, but is that really enough to qualify him as being the "best available big" at the time of Memphis' selection?

Still on the board were several players of the same position who not only showcase more versatility in their game, but come into the association at a far more enviable age than Edey.

Selected only six picks after was Indiana's Kel'el Ware who, while measuring in at 7-feet, 249-pounds, also possesses a shot-swatting, rim-running, and floor-spacing game (shot 42.5 percent from distance in 2023-24) that has some seeing flashes of guys like Jarrett Allen and, ironically, Grizzlies star Jaren Jackson Jr. On top of all this, he's two years Edey's younger.

A less-flashy, though still more versatile option could have also been trading down in the first or even higher into the second to snatch up Duke big Kyle Filipowski, as his potential as a defender, rebounder, and, surprisingly, ball-handler has drawn sound comparisons to Kelly Olynyk.

In a weak draft, one could make the case that it was a time for the Grizzlies to swing on versatility and potential, and, in a totally opposite manner, the franchise opted to play things safe and simple with the likes of Edey.