2024 Grizzlies Mock Draft: Memphis lands Jaylen Brown-esque prospect & more

2022 NBA Draft
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39. Ryan Dunn

The notion that the biggest need for this Grizzlies team is a new primary center might not be all that accurate. Sure, they may not have that traditional pivot manning the middle anymore following the midseason trade of Steven Adams, but the modern game has proven that such a talent isn't really all that necessary to compete for a title.

In fact, there are already some indications that Memphis' front office is considering the idea of not even adding a new starting center to their arsenal ahead of next year, with GM Zach Kleiman going on record stating that the team is "best positioned if Jaren is playing the five."

That said, bolstering their frontcourt with guys who can play top-notch defense and fight on the boards should still be a priority for the team, and, early on in the second round, they may be able to bring on such a talent with the likes of Ryan Dunn.

At 6-foot-8, 216 pounds the 21-year-old has the build of a tweener forward, though his game seems to better equip him as being more of a full-fledged four.

Though far from the serious scoring threat that teams generally seem to covet, Dunn showcases a Grit and Grind attitude with his enforcer efforts on defense while simultaneously sporting an all-around athletic style of play.

A bounce that is seemingly off the charts, Dunn managed to put his leaping abilities to good use on both ends of the ball during his sophomore campaign with the Virginia Cavaliers, establishing himself as a serious finishing threat at the rim as well as a lethal shot swatter, the latter of which helped earn him ACC All-Defensive honors after recording 2.3 blocks a night.

With this type of production along with his 1.3 steals and 6.9 rebounds per game averages, should he find a way to add a consistent three-ball to his bag of tricks, the forward could very easily go from being a raw prospect to a full-blown draft day steal.