2 players Grizzlies must consider starting

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1. David Roddy

Though the most attention has been drawn to the team's depleted backcourt rotation what with suspension of superstar Ja Morant and the latest injury of Marcus Smart, perhaps equally as troubling from a rotational standpoint has been the sporadic production coming from Memphis' wing position.

From Ziaire Williams to Santi Aldama, coach Jenkins has gone back-and-forth with his decisions on who to hand the keys for the starting small forward slot to, and, over the last four outings, it has been the latter who has been entrusted in the role.

However, though by no means his fault alone, all the team has to show for this timeframe is an 0-4 record and a point differential of -65 and have failed to hit the century mark in all but one outing.

With this, lineup experimentation should still be viewed as a must and one idea the coaching staff should consider is putting sophomore David Roddy into the first five unit.

Earlier on in the season, the 22-year-old was actually utilized in such a fashion during their controversial loss to the Portland Trail Blazers back on November 3 and, in said outing, he produced admirably to the tune of 16 points and 3 boards on 57.1 percent shooting from the floor.

Despite his efforts, however, he has since only served as a contributor off the pine, and, while his shots may not exactly be falling (converting on just 37.5 percent of his attempts over his last 10 games), his athleticism, strength, and versatility have been on full display while his jumper, despite not cashing in, still looks steady.

At this point, his high-end hustle and inate to desire to get out on the break could be exactly the type of jolt this struggling starting lineup could use.

At the very least, considering they're on a four-game losing streak, it definitely couldn't hurt.