Grizzlies fans put NBA on blast following wild Draymond Green debacle

May 1, 2022; Memphis, Tennessee, USA; Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green (23) and Memphis
May 1, 2022; Memphis, Tennessee, USA; Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green (23) and Memphis / Joe Rondone-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday night, rambunctious Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green was tossed from the club's primetime exhibition against the Phoenix Suns for an egregious blow to the head of center Jusuf Nurkic, and Memphis Grizzlies fans are seemingly enraged.

Far from a surprise happening, as he has a long-standing track record for sparking troubling on-court drama and has already seen two other ejections this season, the decision by the refs to throw him out of the contest was unequivocally warranted while rumblings of a possible suspension seem just.

However, his last altercation that came in the form of putting Timberwolves big Rudy Gobert in a headlock back on November 14 resulted in a mere five game shelving, which suggests that he could be in line for a similar punishment this time around.

To Grizzlies fans, this is viewed as a rather polarizing situation when considering their franchise star Ja Morant received a 25-game suspension for wielding a firearm on an Instagram live whereas the combination of a possible two suspensions for Green thus far into the year after literally inciting violence mid-game very well could equate to a much smaller number of games missed.

Grizzlies fans blast different handlings of Draymond Green & Ja Morant

On X (formerly Twitter) one user bluntly noted that Green's on-court antics over the years are "worse for the NBA brand" than Morant's off-court decision-making.

Another user would argue that a level of hypocrisy is evident regarding how the league has gone about handling the two star players.

Bluff City Media's Myke Horrell went as far as to say that "Making Ja Morant the subject of what isn’t acceptable for viewers" while Green serves as a frequent on-court antagonist and widely renowned trouble-maker is "unacceptable."

While there should be no denying that the league had every right to suspend Morant following his second firearm mishap roughly within a two-month span, fans have every right to call out the league for the harshness of his punishment when someone like Green has gotten a fraction of the severity after partaking in numerous brutal happenings on primetime television.

Fortunately for the Grizzlies, however, their franchise cornerstone is nearly set to make his return to the hardwood, with his first game of eligibility being less than a week away.

Golden State, on the other hand, might be gearing up for the exact opposite with their star big, as the league is rumored to be mulling over the possibility of a suspension.