3 Grizzlies players who could use for a change of scenery

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1. Ziaire Williams

Since being drafted 10 overall back in the 2021 NBA Draft, there has been a massive amount of pressure on Ziaire Williams to perform. Despite being a fringe top-15 prospect, the Grizzlies saw enough in his raw game at Stanford to entice them to take him in the lottery with the hope of him developing into a player who could man the small forward position for the future.

Fast forward three years into his professional tenure, however, and it's become more than evident that the 22-year-old has failed to live up to expectations, which has his future with the franchise in serious jeopardy.

2023-24 proved to be his best season from a counting-stats perspective, as he posted 8.2 points, 3.5 rebounds, 1.5 assists, and .7 steals per game. However, he did so while registering a negative swing rating on both the offensive and defensive end for the third-consecutive season.

Being a raw talent in need of development on a title-hopeful team is never an easy position to be in, especially for someone who has showcased as much potential as Williams has, albeit at an incredibly sporadic rate.

With his length (6-foot-9 with nearly a 7-foot wingspan) and impressive athleticism, without a doubt a player like Williams still holds a serious amount of intrigue and value as an individual who, with the proper tutelage and guidance, still could develop into a serviceable two-way tweener forward

Of all the players mentioned on this list today, this former lottery pick is the most likely to be off the Grizzlies roster come the start of next season. Frankly, of all the players mentioned, he may be the one to benefit the most from such a move.