3 Grizzlies who need monster second halves to save their job

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1. Luke Kennard

Of all the players mentioned on this list today, Luke Kennard is perhaps the most likely Grizzlies player who will wind up being shopped this summer and, in turn, will need a tremendous second-half showing to save his spot with the organization.

Acquired at last year's trade deadline, the veteran sharpshooter has proven himself to be quite an effective contributor within coach Jenkins' rotation and has upped his long-range shooting clip to a whopping 49.3 percent since arriving in the 38103.

Frankly, the idea that Memphis might look to part ways with Kennard is not so much a reflection on his production with the team but, instead, his impact on their financial flexibility heading into the offseason.

With an expected salary of $14.7 million, the shooting guard ranks in as the fifth-highest payroll coming into 2024-25.

Considering the four players making more than him are essentially viewed as untouchable by the franchise (Ja Morant, Desmond Bane, Jaren Jackson Jr, Marcus Smart), assuming they'll be looking to cut down on their salary commitments, Kennard looks to be the leading candidate to be moved.

Of course, should he play and, subsequently, shoot lights out during the games remaining on Memphis' 2023-24 docket, maybe he could remind the club of why they brought in his services in the first place and, as a result, extend his tenure in the 38103 for at least another season.