3 Grizzlies who could be playing their final season in Memphis

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The Memphis Grizzlies made some small yet impactful changes to their talent pool at this year's trade deadline, as the front office opted to part ways with fan-favorite talents Steven Adams, Xavier Tillman, and David Roddy for cap flexibility, added draft assets, and extra roster space.

Though admittedly tough decisions, GM Zach Kleiman acknowledged during his post-deadline presser that the moves made were ones that, in his eyes, helped improve the team's chances of success in the future, and even hinted that there could be more shakeups to come after the 2023-24 campaign comes to an end.

Grizzlies who could be playing their final season in Memphis

While there are still roughly two more months of action to go until Memphis' season concludes, of the 15 or so players who have regularly found themselves on the team's roster there are bound to be at least a few who will be headed outbound this coming summer.

3. Derrick Rose

Outside of the storyline regarding the return to his old collegiate stomping grounds (attended Memphis University for his one-and-done season back in 2007-08), Derrick Rose's tenure with the Grizzlies has essentially seen the same turnout as each of his previous two seasons, as it has been highlighted by inefficient play and consistent injuries.

Though the popularized talking point of bringing him on to serve as a mentor for Ja Morant is something that some may believe could be worth the club holding onto beyond this season, as the veteran put it back during the preseason, he's "not here to babysit" or "to be a plant in the locker room," emphasizing that he wants to show he still has "a lot left in the tank."

The problem with this is that come next season, coach Taylor Jenkins will presumably have Ja Morant, Desmond Bane, and Marcus Smart all back at full strength and, thus, will be taking up the vast majority of minutes within the backcourt rotation.

Add this to the fact that Vince Williams Jr. is also destined for ample playing time at either the two or three spot and there seems to be no more room left over for Rose to contribute in an on-court manner like he wishes to.

Be it in a move to clear out a roster spot or, simply, to respect his desire to see consistent minutes within a team's rotation, it seems very likely that the Grizzlies will look to move on from the beloved veteran come year's end.