4 popular free agent targets Grizzlies should avoid at all cost

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DeMar DeRozan

After a relatively uneventful three-year stint in Chicago, DeMar DeRozan finds himself in a similar situation as Paul George with an impending player option to extend his stay on the Bulls for another year.

DeRozan, who will be going into his 16th season in the association, will have to face reality and accept that he will potentially belong to an Eastern Conference team that has struggled in recent years due to a myriad of discord and injuries severely hindering them.

On his own, the veteran had done his best to help keep Chicago's season afloat after only missing three games all season amid the shaky and inconsistent lineups the Bulls had to resort to.

Despite this, if the former All-Star was planning to sign with a younger team such as the Grizzlies, there exists a question of how effective he could be while potentially playing as part of a bench unit, or a rotating starting lineup from game to game.

Beyond the basics of the fit issues that DeRozan potentially poses for the Grizzlies, there would also have to be recognition of the potential contract he may command. Though the veteran wouldn't be looking for a maxed contract, there is the looming cloud that the Grizzlies will have to face in the near future when some major contracts and extensions are potentially given to the young core, effectively sinking DeRozan's chances of joining the squad.

With that being said, the NBA remains forever unpredictable, as a veteran like DeRozan could totally flip the script and decide that he is willing to relegate himself to a diminished role offensively to be an essential piece in what will hopefully be a championship team out in Memphis while aiding to facilitate the young up and coming scorers they have on deck.