4 popular free agent targets Grizzlies should avoid at all cost

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Kyle Anderson

Kyle Anderson currently finds himself playing for the Minnesota Timberwolves as they attempt to ride their regular season momentum through the playoffs and into an NBA Finals berth.

During his time with the Grizzlies from 2018 to 2022, the tweener forward acted as a core piece of the frontcourt that desperately needed him, especially during their 2021-2022 run when he played and started in an impressive 69 games.

On paper, Anderson would be a reasonable target for Memphis this offseason, as he's a player who already has a degree of familiarity with the system as well as with players on the team who are still there from his previous stint, and the clear desire to help bolster the frontcourt which has a deep amount of young talent but would feel considerably more secure with a degree of veteran presence.

The disconnect in bringing Anderson back to Memphis manifests in the form of the uncertainty as to what sort of role he would be looking for (and the ensuing price tag, of course) as well as how much attention Memphis will choose to invest in their very young pieces who are mostly unproven but hold immense potential.

The young core which extends to players such as Santi Aldama, Ziaire Williams, and Trey Jemison are all exciting talents who could help solidify the starting and bench frontcourt units.

Of course, these aforementioned names are on top of other obvious choices such as All-Rookie selection GG Jackson as well as Jaren Jackson Jr.

At some point, Memphis will need to decide how much faith they will choose to invest in the youth movement that will likely once again take the league by storm once healthy in 2024-25.