3 Realistic Luke Kennard landing spots should Grizzlies fail to reach agreement

Luke Kennard could be a great add for a number of teams across the NBA should the Memphis Grizzlies fail to re-sign him.
Brooklyn Nets v Memphis Grizzlies
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Cleveland Cavaliers

With their decision to come to terms on an extension agreement with Donovan Mitchell, as the two sides approved a new three-year, $150.3 million deal this offseason, it's evident that the Cavaliers are looking to compete for their franchise's second NBA Championship over the next few years.

Equipped with the star centerpiece, proven All-Stars in Darius Garland and Jarrett Allen, and rising two-way stud Evan Mobley, Cleveland's core has the makings of being able to compete with just about anyone out in the east standings.

That said, still present are a few key weaknesses that need to be addressed before they can enter the "elite" level within their conference, and one of the most noteworthy sore spots they boast is their middle-of-the-pack long-range shooting.

Last year, the Cavs ranked 15 in three-point percentage despite hoisting up the eight-most attempts per game (13.5). These lacking abilities ultimately led to their downfall during the postseason, where they converted at the fourth-worst rate throughout at a putrid 31.5 percent.

The Grizzlies sharpshooter is someone who not only would help boost their productivity in this area of the game during the regular season, as he sports the third-highest three-point shooting clip in NBA history, but also under the bright lights of the postseason where he ranks seventh in playoff history in three-point shooting with a wildly efficient clip of 46.3 percent.