3 Realistic Luke Kennard landing spots should Grizzlies fail to reach agreement

Luke Kennard could be a great add for a number of teams across the NBA should the Memphis Grizzlies fail to re-sign him.
Brooklyn Nets v Memphis Grizzlies
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Orlando Magic

In possession of ample cap space and graced with the momentum of a surprise postseason run this past season, the Magic are in a position where they can continue building up their roster and overall talent pool as they look to ascend the Eastern Conference standings in 2024-25

Orlando is quite an interesting team to monitor this summer, for, while they may be fresh off a season where they finished as the fifth-seed and won the eighth-most games in a single year (47) in franchise history, they still have some serious issues that must be addressed.

As you probably may have guessed based on the other two teams mentioned on this list, one of their biggest problems was their lackluster three-point shooting in 2023-24, where they converted at the seventh-worst clip (35.2) in the league and tied for the fewest shots made from beyond the arc (11.0) along the way.

This past season alone, Kennard averaged 2.7 makes from distance on his own with the Grizzlies while en route to supporting the second-best conversion rate in the entire association. On top of this, per 100 possessions, the 28-year-old has splashed home an average of 5.0 three-pointers over the last three years, which is something that could be of great use to the Magic's 22-rated offense.

Should he be looking to hold onto a similar role on the court as he has had since joining on with Memphis, while also coveting a larger payday than Kleiman can currently afford, Orlando may just be one of the best destinations Kennard to realistically flock to in the event that he bolts from Grind City.