2 reasons why Grizzlies should trade Marcus Smart, 2 why they shouldn't

Memphis Grizzlies v Golden State Warriors
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Argument to keep Marcus Smart No. 1) Defensive versatility

Looking at the Marcus Smart trade on paper, it seems obvious why the Grizzlies would want to bring him in.

The veteran brings two-way intangibles to a team already brimming with intensity and focus but is looking to elevate itself to the caliber of contending with the best of the rest that the NBA has.

Adding Smart to the Grizzlies was a show of faith by the team's leadership that the mentality of playing energized and tough defensively could help propel the team forward and stand out even among the fearsome Western Conference.

Despite their less-than-ideal season that included Smart himself playing a limited number of games, there is a hopeful outlook for next season that he can return to form and provide more of the flashes that came up during his 20 active games this past season.

Even within a brand new team system, there was little doubt about the tenacity and grit Smart had previously provided on the Celtics even as they made a run to the finals.

Among defenders, Marcus Smart is notorious for his energy and quick maneuvering as well as his willingness to put his entire body on the line on any given play. Players of this nature can help to push a team with incredible offensive and defensive prowess to become even more lethal.

In terms of preparing for the competition, bringing Smart to the Grizzlies was a move made to best capitalize on a young team that is strong defensively, but can further benefit from having another natural leader added to the backcourt.

Smart is a logical puzzle piece to compete with other teams across the league who will demand defensive attention against both backcourts and frontcourts, and will keep the Grizzlies on their toes constantly.