2 reasons why Grizzlies should trade Marcus Smart, 2 why they shouldn't

Memphis Grizzlies v Golden State Warriors
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Smart business: Making the most of the trade and not trading

When the trade for Marcus Smart was initially announced, there was an understandable outcry across the league from Western Conference teams who knew that the daunting Grizzlies had become even more tenacious, and from Celtics fans bemoaning the loss of their beloved point guard.

Inside the trade itself, Memphis sent the 25th overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft as well as a 2024 first-round pick that they held from the Golden State Warriors to compensate the Celtics for Smart.

This trade followed logical reasoning from Memphis, which was that there was already a plethora of young talent on the team and late first-rounders would potentially receive very little if any playing time whatsoever.

Adding a veteran guard like Smart to the team ensures that there is a more practical balance on the team of young players looking to find their footing, and more seasoned players who can apply their experiences to teach their teammates around them.

While the Grizzlies' season ended up being anything but ideal, the highlight-worthy moments Smart was a part of encapsulate perfectly just why Memphis would be willing to give up draft capital.

When looking at the potential for trading Smart, it seems unlikely that another team would be willing to give up even the same level of assets that Memphis did due to his shaky season being hindered by injuries, but Memphis has little to lose from hanging onto him for at least another season.

Furthermore, sending Smart out would put the Grizzlies in a position yet again to fulfill the role that Dillon Brooks had previously provided -- A tenacious and rugged defender who can complement Ja Morant in the backcourt.

In its entirety, Memphis has a great deal of upside to look forward to with Smart, but should be wise and keep an open mind.

There's little harm in hearing out other teams as to a theorized trade offer, and if the moment is right where the Grizzlies can significantly upgrade by sending the point guard elsewhere, it's possible that he may start on an entirely different team next season.