Reporter drops truth bomb on 'perfect' fit for Grizzlies ahead of 2024 NBA Draft

2022 NBA Draft
2022 NBA Draft / Arturo Holmes/GettyImages

Recent rumblings suggest the Memphis Grizzlies are looking to part ways with their ninth overall selection and either move up the board during the NBA Draft or swap the rights out to acquire a ready-made talent in the NBA.

However, what might the front office's plans be if they wind up holding onto the pick?

During a recent appearance on Grind City Media, beat reporter Damichael Cole shed some light on what the ball club's mindset would be assuming they elect to keep their current draft status.

Grizzlies don't want a project prospect, says beat reporter

"The Grizzlies aren't looking for anyone to put on training wheels. They're in a different position than some of these other lottery teams from a talent standpoint. We've seen most of these players on the Grizzlies team be on teams that finished number two in the west, win 50-plus games. That's probably going to be the expectation going into next season -- to be on a 50-plus win team... To me, the position that the Grizzlies are in, they're trying to find the complementary pieces in the areas that they're weak... They want someone who's probably going to be ready to come in and play from day one rather than someone that they'll have to send down to the G League and probably won't see much of this season."

Damichael Cole

As for who among the projected mid-lottery players could fit this aforementioned description, Cole believes that Tennessee wing Dalton Knecht could prove to be the ideal target at ninth overall.

"It's a perfect fit because what the Grizzlies need is complementary players. You think about the way that Ja gets down hill, you think about the way that [Desmond Bane] can get down hill, Jaren Jackson Jr.'s face-up game and the way he's developed going to the basket. You need shooters around these types of players. You need very complementary pieces... You talk about Desmond Bane's elite shooting, you got Luke Kennard still in the picture right now, and then if you add Dalton Knecht, to me, that gives you three elite-level shooters. Guys where you know if they're wide-open you can just go back and run to the other end and say 'Oh yea, that's a bucket.'"

Damichael Cole

Knecht finds himself coming off a tremendous final season at the collegiate level playing for the Volunteers, as he went on to post sensational averages of 21.7 points, 4.9 rebounds, and 1.8 assists while shooting 45.8 percent from the floor and 39.7 percent from distance on 6.5 attempts per night while earning First-Team All-American honors and being named the SEC Player of the Year in the process.

With his ability to stretch the floor, excel off the catch-and-shoot, and finish out in transition, some have tabbed the 23-year-old as a Wally Szczerbiak-esque pro prospect.

Adding on such a talent to this Grizzlies team that just ranked dead-last in points and second-worst in three-point shooting this past season could prove to be a tremendous value for the ball club as they look to thrust themselves back into the playoff contender conversation.

To Cole, there's reason to belive that he could be the perfect target for Memphis at No. 9 on draft night.