3 Reasons why signing Miles Bridges would be a horrible move for Grizzlies

The Memphis Grizzlies must avoid the temptation of signing Miles Bridges in free agency.
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Impacts on rising young studs

Though 2023-24 proved to be a grueling season for the Grizzlies from a success standpoint, as they suffered from myriad injuries and, in turn, missed out on the playoff for the first time in four years with their 27-55 finish, even amid all the turmoil there still proved to be a few bright spots for the franchise to look back on.

Arguably the most noteworthy of all was the development of youngsters like GG Jackson and Vince Williams Jr., two players who, with increased playing time as a result of the wide-spread health-related ailments, worked their way up from being two-way projects to long-term centerpieces, as both inked multi-year deals with the club as a result of their play.

As we now enter years two and three, respectively, for the promising ballers, many are hoping to see their games progress even more, especially with guys like Ja Morant, Desmond Bane, and Jaren Jackson Jr. all back in the fold, as this core looks to reinsert themselves into the title-hopeful conversation.

As things currently stand, there aren't many significant and ill-fitting roadblocks standing in their way when it comes to seeing meaningful and highly valuable playing time to help their play evolve.

However, adding a guy like Miles Bridges would certainly establish one.

At his age coupled with 2023-24 averages of 37.4 minutes per game and a usage rate of 24.7 percent, it's painfully hard to believe that a signing of the former lottery pick would be of any good use to the development in Jackson and Williams' games.

From taking away important touches to reducing vital playing time, no good would come from a Bridges addition when it relates to these young rising studs evolving their craft at the professional level.