3 Reasons why signing Miles Bridges would be a horrible move for Grizzlies

The Memphis Grizzlies must avoid the temptation of signing Miles Bridges in free agency.
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Complications in any hypothetical acquisition

For a second, let's just say the Grizzlies are, in fact, seriously interested in bringing on Miles Bridges this summer.

In a hypothetical scenario where they've overlooked the potentially negative impact his arrival could have on guys like GG Jackson and the off-court troubles he's run into over the past few years, Memphis somehow finds itself viewing the 26-year-old as a player who could be that difference-maker in the team's championship pursuits over the next several seasons.

The big question that would come about: How do Kleiman and co. end up snatching him up?

Already they find themselves in a bit of a financial conundrum with their current situation with Luke Kennard, who the team recently had to opt out of the final year of his contract in an effort to try and avoid entering into the first tax apron.

With minimal spending power at their disposal, in the event that they did wish to add a guy of Bridges' caliber, it would likely have to come via some sort of sign-and-trade, which, both from a financial and outbound asset selection standpoint, could be quite complicated and severely messy.

Frankly, putting aside all the baggage he would bring with him, unless the forward is willing to sign on with the MLE the Grizzlies shouldn't be all that interested in a signing in the first place.