3 Grizzlies who survived trade deadline that will likely be traded in offseason

Jan 20, 2024; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Memphis Grizzlies head coach Taylor Jenkins reacts against the
Jan 20, 2024; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Memphis Grizzlies head coach Taylor Jenkins reacts against the / Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports
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At this year's trade deadline, the Memphis Grizzlies made a few small yet highly suggestive shakeups.

From their decision to ship Steven Adams out to the Houston Rockets to their final deal that sent David Roddy to the Phoenix Suns, it appears GM Zach Kleiman seems to be intent on cutting down on their salary cap situation while simultaneously freeing up roster space for potential future core talents.

Of course, while the deadline has officially passed, this is not to say that Memphis' front office is now fully content with the collection of talent that remains in tow.

Considering the team currently boasts the third-worst record in the Western Conference standings and is slated to have the eighth-highest payroll in 2024-25, it's safe to assume that more changes may be coming following the conclusion of this year's campaign.

Grizzlies who survived trade deadline that could be moved this summer

Though many rumored trade candidates may still find themselves residing in the 38103 following the February 8 deadline, the offseason presents a new opportunity for the franchise to move on from some of these individuals.

With this in mind, ahead of the summer months, there are a few names, in specific, that could be in serious risk of being traded come the passing of the season.

3. Ziaire Williams

Coming into the season, Ziaire Williams was a player many fans were hoping would take the next step in his career progressions and, in turn, finally establish himself as the future of the wing position, something he was hoped to be upon being selected 10 overall in the 2021 NBA Draft.

Fast forward 56 games, however, and we find that not only has the 22-year-old fallen short of taking on such an identity but that he's also seemingly been supplanted in the pecking order by the likes of both Vince Williams Jr. and GG Jackson.

After 2023-24 comes to a close, Williams will be heading into the fourth and final year of his current contract and is slated to be earning a salary of $6.1 million, per HoopsHype.

Though far from a bank breaker, retaining his services could prove to have overall negative effects, as not only would he likely eat into some of the minutes that could be allocated to the previously mentioned players but, also, if he does see a reduction in playing time it could go on to plummet his value on the trade market.

Entering only his fourth year, this offseason Williams will still have the allure of being a recently plucked lottery selection who, with his athleticism, defensive tenacity, and overall build (6-foot-9 with a 6-foot-10 wingspan), has the makings of becoming a solid 3-and-D rotational wing at the professional level should he come into the hands of a coaching staff willing to devote a proper amount of attention toward his development.

All this attached to a rookie-scale deal could prove to be a rather enticing commodity for rival teams to pursue this summer, especially if he finishes this second half on a strong note.