3 under-the-radar trade targets Grizzlies must pursue

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1. James Wiseman

Staying with the theme of recent lottery-selected talents not necessarily living up to expectations, James Wiseman is another young player that the Grizzlies should strongly consider pursuing before the deadline for a multitude of reasons.

With concerns rising over the long-term outlook for the team's currently injured and continuously aging primary pivot, Steven Adams, some have suggested Memphis might want to consider investing in a long-term replacement option at the position now rather than later and taking a chance on the upside Wiseman possesses is something that must be on the table.

A Tennessee native who played collegiate ball at the University of Memphis, the big man still finds himself looking for a home in the NBA after being given up on by the Warriors last season and, now, being gradually phased out of Detroit's rotation.

Perhaps a literal homecoming may be in order to get his career on the right track.

Measuring in at 6-foot-11 with a whopping 7-foot-6 wingspan, Wiseman has the build of a truly menacing rim protector and lob threat while his underrated foot quickness, strength, and soft touch at the rim suggest he could be a lethal offensive weapon if provided the proper guidance and surrounded by the right development team.

Though far from producing at pre-draft expectation, his numbers have still been solid enough to warrant strong consideration for a trade from the Grizzlies, as the 22-year-old boasts per-game averages of 9.5 points, 5.4 rebounds, and just shy of a block while shooting 55.7 percent from the field thus far into his career.

With his value seemingly at an all-time low, a trade for his services likely wouldn't cost Memphis all that much, meaning they could feasibly be nabbing a recent top-3 draft selection for a pennies-on-the-dollar type of package.

Without question, such a move would be worth the risk.