Grizzlies urged to make splashy move using No. 9 pick in NBA Draft

Memphis Grizzlies v Atlanta Hawks
Memphis Grizzlies v Atlanta Hawks / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

Based on recent rumblings, the Memphis Grizzlies aren't committed one way or the other when it comes to their mindset regarding the ninth overall selection in the 2024 NBA Draft.

On the one hand, holding onto the pick could net them a quality young prospect to help strengthen their rotation for the future, and could even have them in the running for one of this draft class's top talents.

On the other, however, using the rights as valuable added capital in an offseason trade exchange could bring them a more ready-made talent or talents to help aid in the club's revenge campaign in 2024-25.

While there are certainly pluses and minuses to both tracks, in a June 8 piece Bleacher Report's Zach Buckley made the case for why the Grizzlies should lean toward the latter route when it comes to their draft pick.

Grizzlies urged to trade No. 9 pick ahead of 2024 NBA Draft

"If the Grizzlies have their turbo-charged floor general back, they could again rank among the conference heavyweights. And that probably doesn't create the highest odds of an incoming rookie seeing significant minutes, particularly one selected in the back half of the lottery."

Zach Buckley

Buckley would go on to mention the recent reports by The Ringer's Kevin O'Connor that have revealed Memphis has expressed interest in possibly moving up in the draft, particularly eyeing the Houston Rockets' third overall selection as a target of interest.

With this, the popular notion is that UConn standout Donovan Clingan could be a possible option for Zach Kleiman and company to consider, as they continue to think up ways for them to fill the rotation's "Steven Adams-sized hole at center."

Measuring in at 7-foot-2, 280 pounds and boasting an impressive array of rim-protecting and reported evolving shooting skills, there have been many who have tabbed the 20-year-old big as a sound fit for this Grizzlies team and, considering their salary restraints, landing such a player in the draft could be both a high-upside and cost-effective way for them to address the center spot.

Of course, Buckley also would discuss the concept of targeting a deal out of the draft entirely, saying "they should also be poking around for available veterans, since someone who can hit the ground sprinting might be needed if Memphis is as good next season as it looks like it can be."

Regardless of the club's currently undecided train of thought, the seasoned B/R writer believes that their best course of action is to trade away their ninth overall pick, and there are many different routes they could take if they do.