Grizzlies big claps back at Dillon Brooks' recent comments: 'He gotta stay over there'

Nov 24, 2023; Houston, Texas, USA; Houston Rockets forward Dillon Brooks (9) during introductions
Nov 24, 2023; Houston, Texas, USA; Houston Rockets forward Dillon Brooks (9) during introductions / Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The breakup of Dillon Brooks and the Memphis Grizzlies this past summer was heavily covered in the media, as the two parted ways in a less-than-amicable manner.

From the reports that GM Zach Kleiman was unwilling to bring back the veteran "under any circumstances" to the wing publicly calling the franchise out for using him as a scapegoat for their shortcomings in 2022-23, it's rather evident that bad blood was created as a result of their breakup.

Of course, as was to be expected from Brooks and his polarizing personality, the public riffing did not end once he was sign-and-traded to the Houston Rockets back in July, as he has openly discussed the current state of his former employers, seemingly getting a sense of satisfaction from their lackluster start to the year.

Just a few short weeks ago, when preparing for his first revenge game back on November 22, the 27-year-old went as far as to say in an interview that he believes the Grizzlies "have no swagger" this year and suggested that his absence may be the reason why.

Recently, during an appearance on Gil's Arena, Memphis big Xavier Tillman was asked to share his thoughts on these particular remarks from his former teammate and, in response, acknowledged that while there's still love between them it was seemingly a blatant example of "player hating."

Grizzlies big Xavier Tillman on Dillon Brooks' 'swagger' comments

"That's my guy, but he's doing some player hating. He gotta stay over there. It's already done, he gotta stay on that side. Because you know what? They not even that far ahead of us. I ain't even sweating them. I'm not even sweating them. I'm not sweating them one bit."

Xavier Tillman on Dillon Brooks

During his clapback, Tillman did share that even though he disapproves of Brooks' remarks, at the end of the day he still values the relationship they formed during their four years as teammates, saying "that's my guy" and that he "taught me so much."

As correctly stated in the segment, the Grizzlies and Rockets aren't separated by all that much out in the Western Conference standings, with their placement being eighth and 13, respectively, while also seeing a difference in record of just four wins (10-9 compared to 6-15).

With this, it's no wonder that Tillman and Memphis as a whole aren't "even sweating" about their divisional rival's current edge.