Zach Kleiman drops early hint at offseason agenda for Grizzlies

Oct 2, 2023; Memphis, TN, USA; Memphis Grizzlies general manager Zach Kleiman answers questions from
Oct 2, 2023; Memphis, TN, USA; Memphis Grizzlies general manager Zach Kleiman answers questions from / Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

Wrapping up 2023-24 with a record of 27-55, it should go without saying that this Memphis Grizzlies team will be looking to make some significant changes during the upcoming offseason.

From player departures to key talent additions, the expectation is that coach Taylor Jenkins' rotation will undergo serious tinkering over the next several months with the hope of strengthening their core rotation.

Though there's an argument to be made that every position could in one way or another use for some fine-tuning, during his recent exit interview GM Zach Kleiman went on record to share his thoughts on what area of the roster the Grizzlies will be looking to address.

Ultimately, he shared that finding a "true big" to plug in next to star Jaren Jackson Jr. down in the frontcourt will be a focus for the front office.

Grizzlies looking to add a 'true big' to rotation ahead of next season

"From a roster-building standpoint, I think we see the value of having a more traditional or true big. We've seen Jaren successful in those type of lineups as well."

Zach Kleiman

Following the team's mid-season decision to clear house at their pivot position when they traded away both Steven Adams and Xavier Tillman, as things currently stand the Grizzlies have no true long-term answer to their starting five spot.

Though rookie Trey Jemison did manage to show flashes during his 23 games played with the ball club, his skills are far too raw for Memphis to rely on him as their focal point center moving forward. Heading into next season, keeping the 24-year-old as a two-way project player is their best course of action.

In turn, Kleiman and company could opt to embark down many different avenues to try and address the position, with some already suggesting they should look to add a traditional big with their upcoming lottery pick, tabbing UConn standout Donovan Clingan as a solid fit for their lineup.

Regardless of which direction they choose to take as they look to bolster the five spot, one thing seems for certain -- the Grizzlies will have a new center in tow during the 2024-25 campaign.