Predicting the Grizzlies' perfect starting lineup after ideal offseason

If Memphis pulls off a dream offseason, this is what their starting lineup could look like on opening night.
Nic Claxton, Jaren Jackson Jr.
Nic Claxton, Jaren Jackson Jr. / Justin Ford/GettyImages
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The 2023-24 season was certainly one of a kind for the Memphis Grizzlies. Coming off three consecutive playoff appearances and looking like one of the mainstays at the top of Western Conference standings, the Grizzlies took a step back thanks to the worst injury luck of any team in the association this past season.

In total, Memphis had 33 separate players suit up for them over the course of last season, which set a new record for any NBA team in one season. With so much inconsistency and with so many key players in and out of the rotation, it is no surprise the Grizzlies struggled as much as they did. But assuming the roster can get fully healthy this summer, next year should be a much different story.

Between getting their main guys back from injury and ideally making some key additions this offseason, Memphis should be primed to return to the level of a top-tier championship contender. If they were to pull off all their desired moves over the next several months, this is what the Grizzlies' starting lineup would look like next season.

Center: Nic Claxton

Of course, this is the biggest move Memphis will potentially look to make this summer. It has been the worst-kept secret in the league that the Grizzlies are hoping to make an upgrade at the center position, either through the draft or free agency/trade. If they go the free agency route, one of their biggest targets will undoubtedly be the Nets' Nic Claxton.

Just finishing up the final season of his two-year, $17.2 million contract with Brooklyn, Nic will be an unrestricted free agent this summer, able to seek deals with any team in the association. Depending on the size of a potential new deal, signing Claxton could put Memphis into the second apron of the NBA's tax restrictions, which would limit their ability to make further moves.

But it could just be worth it. Clax will be a highly sought-after free agent this offseason due to his capabilities as a dominant rim-protecting big man. Putting him next to Jaren Jackson Jr. in the frontcourt would create an impenetrable brick wall defending the interior for the Grizzlies.