Memphis Grizzlies: BIG3 League Needs Stromile Swift in 2019

Stromile Swift — a former member of the Memphis Grizzlies — could be the new flair the BIG3 league needs in order to gain additional popularity in 2019.

As the BIG3 league enters its third season during the summer of 2019, the is now more reason than ever before for fans of the Memphis Grizzlies to spend their offseason watching the professional three-on-three games.

First off, last season’s action-packed schedule offered a handful of former Grizzlies on BIG3 rosters. All the way through the championship match, former Memphis fan favorites excited crowds intrigued by ex-NBA talents.

This year should become even better. Bigger names are committing to BIG3. When considering the Memphis Grizzlies specifically, it is continuously getting better. There is more reason to not only watch, but to follow BIG3.

On Monday, another name entered the BIG3 Draft Pool, and it is one that should have a great shot at earning a final roster spot prior to Season Three. The former NBA veteran big man is none other than Stromile Swift.

Stromile Swift was the epitome of a fan favorite during his seven-season stretch with the Memphis Grizzlies, including one season spent with Vancouver. He made the transition into the foundation of the franchise prior to the Core Four and “Grit-‘N’-Grind.” Swift & company — especially Pau Gasol, James Posey, Mike Miller, and Shane Battier — continue to hold a special place in the hearts of longtime Grizzlies fans.

Swift was known for his thunderous dunks on the offensive end, along with blocks with the same magnitude on the defensive side of the ball. Though injuries kept his career from taking the next level, he was a formidable big man in the NBA in the 2000s.

The BIG3 league needs Stromile Swift. He is the type of entertainment that the three-on-three league thrives off. Dunks. Swats. Hustle. Grit. The athleticism! He was ahead of a time where his game would thrive. These were key components of the “Stro Show” while donning a Memphis Grizzlies uniform, and it will definitely be interesting to see what all he has left in the tank at the age of 39.

As Stro’ has submitted his name into the BIG3 Draft Pool, it is not a guarantee that he will land on a roster to begin Season Three. Still, you have to like his chances considering his height and size. His skill set during his NBA days is something that would excel in a three-on-three game setting.

On top of it all, a BIG3 appearance revives Stromile Swift’s presence in the basketball world. He is one of those guys that remains low-key. He stays out of news headlines, and because of this, a lot of hoops heads have forgotten about the name until someone brings up old highlights of dunks over guys like Yao Ming.

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See, now you, too, want to see Stromile Swift continue his playing career via the BIG3 stage. It would be awesome. Trust us. Believe Grizz Nation.