Memphis Grizzlies: 10 Former Fan Favorites Revive Hoops Careers Via BIG3

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Memphis Grizzlies BIG3

The Memphis Grizzlies have 10 former players on BIG3 rosters (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

The upcoming BIG3 season looks to be the best yet as it is loaded with popular names. Which former Memphis Grizzlies are participating in Season Three?

BIG3 Season Three officially tipped off over the weekend and the action continues to get better by the year. Ice Cube, BIG3’s founder, has found ways to provide continuous improvement, which ultimately is headlined by bigger and better names. Something that should catch Grizz Nation’s eyes is the inclusion of quite a few former Memphis Grizzlies players in this year’s BIG3 league.

Along with league expansion comes improvision with the season schedule. With 12 teams now in BIG3, the professional three-on-three league has had to expand to multiple days of action, sending six teams to a city on a Saturday followed by the other six moving to the next city on a Sunday.

While fans do not get to see each and every BIG3 player at each destination unlike the previous two seasons, the league is attempting to pair players to their former city they formerly represented in the NBA. For instance, this past Saturday’s action in Detroit, Michigan featured a helping of former Detroit Pistons and Sunday exhibited a quantity of Indiana Pacers fan favorites returning to Indianapolis, Indiana.

While Memphis, Tennessee is not on the 2019 season schedule, there is a healthy amount of representation by ex-Grizzlies throughout the 12 designated teams. In 2018, a handful of former Grizzlies participated and provided some of BIG3’s biggest highlights of the season.

2019 should be no different. If anything, it will be even better and more engaging. For Grizziles fans, BIG3 is something that will make the NBA offseason zoom by at a fast rate since fans can reconnect with some of their favorite former NBA players. To make things greater, Season Three will have all of their games televised live on CBS, which is a major forward movement for the popularity of their brand.

Tune in on the weekends! If you do, you will be able to catch in-game action once again of these 10 former Memphis Grizzlies players.

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