Memphis Grizzlies: Race for the eighth update, Part 2

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No. 12: The Sacramento Kings, 3.5 Games Back

Previous Standing: 12

Current Record: 28-38

Most Recent Game: Loss vs. Magic

Why does it look like Mo Bamba is pinching Hary Giles III’s butt while HG’s shoes shame me for thinking that, though perhaps more importantly, why is it that there’s always a funny picture from a King’s game?

Right, no sorry, back on track.

The Kings tried to rebound from a tough loss to the Spurs that saw them just drop a few key possessions in a game that was decided by less than five points. Well, good news and bad news I guess, as the good news is that they didn’t lose a game where the difference was less than five points, but the bad news is that the Magic never gave the Kings a chance in this matchup.

Like, by the end of the first quarter, the Magic were up by almost 20, and just because the basketball gods seem to have a thing against the Kings, Markelle Fultz pulled up and hit a 52-foot jumpshot. It was bad.

The only saving grace for Sacramento is that almost all the bottom teams in the Western Conference saw loses across the board. Hey, speaking of crushing loses…