Memphis Grizzlies: 5 takeaways, thoughts and questions about new draftees

Jake LaRavia, Memphis Grizzlies (Dawson Powers-USA TODAY Sports)
Jake LaRavia, Memphis Grizzlies (Dawson Powers-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Memphis Grizzlies casting a wide net to strike gold with a big wing player

The Grizzlies, who normally keep their cards close to the chest, let it be known that they are in search of a long, athletic wing player that can shoot, score and defend well. It’s a big reason why they took 6’9″ Ziaire Williams in the lottery in last year’s Draft.

This year, the Grizzlies took three different wing players that have some combination of size, bulk and/or impressive wingspan.

Vince Williams is 6’6″

Jake LaRavia is 6’8″

David Roddy is 6’6″

If Kyle Anderson leaves in free agency, “hitting” on this pick becomes a little more urgent. They’ve hedged their bets by taking three different wing prospects in this draft class.

How soon will Kennedy Chandler have an impact in the lineup?

This one is tough to answer until we know what happens with Tyus Jones in free agency. We’ve heard rumblings in the past that he may covet a role as a full-time starter— something no one could fault him for, but also something the Grizzlies cannot afford to him.

If Jones does not return to the Grizzlies, expect Chandler to get heavy consideration as the team’s backup point guard. The free-agent market for point guards is pretty thin this year,

If Jones returns to the Grizzlies, then Chandler will have a harder time cracking the rotation. But, if he shows he has what it takes to compete, Head Coach Taylor Jenkins will find creative ways to get him on the floor, including playing him alongside Ja Morant for certain stretches of games.