3 most likely trade deadline scenarios for the Grizzlies

Zach Kleiman, Memphis Grizzlies GM (Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports)
Zach Kleiman, Memphis Grizzlies GM (Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Brooklyn Nets guard Seth Curry
Brooklyn Nets guard Seth Curry-Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports /

Grizzlies could add a veteran shooter to their bench

If the Grizzlies do make a move before the trade deadline, a relatively small move is the most likely one to happen. They desperately need shooting help, and there are a few options available on the market. The Nets appear to be trying to ship out some of their excess shooting, with Seth Curry the best among them. Somebody like Curry or another plug-and-play sniper should be the priority if a move is going to be made. Most of the options out there won’t be any help on defense, but Memphis has plenty of that already. The question would be how much it would cost.

I don’t think this front office would want to part with any of their young pieces like David Roddy, Zaire Williams, or Santi Aldama. For the right player that may not be the case, but I would be surprised if they do anything more than give up some draft capital to facilitate a deal. The other issue is fitting whatever contract they take on into their salary cap.

They have basically no space right now, so taking on even a small contract would take some maneuvering. It may even force them to use Danny Green ($10 million salary) as a trade piece. I would like to have seen how Green looks coming off his injury for more than just a few games before the deadline, but it didn’t happen. Does that mean he is better as a salary filler in a trade than as a player? No, but we may not get to find out.