3 current Grizzlies who exemplify Grit and Grind-style of basketball

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Throughout their 23-year tenure in Tennessee, the Memphis Grizzlies have established themselves as one of the roughest and toughest clubs the league has to offer.

During this span, the term "Grit and Grind" has become synonymous with the organization, as it's a moniker that represents the idea of playing with all-out hustle and heart on both ends of the floor on a nightly basis.

The Grizzlies have seen quite a number of players exemplify this mentality to a tee over the years, with examples ranging from stars like Marc Gasol to forgotten role players such as JaMychal Green.

Though Memphis may currently find themselves amid one of their least successful campaigns over the last several years, even this 2023-24 iteration finds them rostering individuals who pridefully represent this moniker.

Current Grizzlies players who exemplify a 'Grit and Grind' style of play

When looking at the crop of talent coach Taylor Jenkins has within his arsenal, it's evident that there are numerous players who have showcased an ability to give it their all on the hardwood and grind things out till the final buzzer sounds.

In specific, there are three players that seem to exemplify this style of play more than others.

3. GG Jackson

Is GG Jackson necessarily the prototype that Grizzlies fans have become familiar with when it comes players who serve as prime examples of playing a Grit and Grind-esque game? Not exactly.

More of an offensive player who uses finesse in his craft rather than brute force and, at this point, far from a defensive disruptor, on the surface the 19-year-old doesn't appear to be a player who, in a hypothetical scenario, could be plugged into the late-aughts-through-2010s era of Memphis basketball.

However, it's his mentality that warrants his mentioning on this type of list, and his recent comments regarding his struggles and perseverance early on in his tenure with the club serve as a perfect example of why.

"When training camp started, and even before that when we were having open runs in the summer, literally every day I was going back home crying. It was so bad. I never felt like I was bad at basketball before... I was like, the gap between me and these dudes is like crazy. But I stuck with it. I had to grind it out. I had to understand that, yeah, you're young, but you're here for a reason. That just kept pushing me. Like I've never shot the ball as well as I'm shooting it right now. And from the film it looks like I belong out there."

GG Jackson

Despite coming in as a second-round selection in this past draft, since becoming a consistent contributor within the rotation Jackson has showcased exactly why he was the consensus best collegiate prospect for the 2023 recruiting class.

Through a span of 19 games, the wing has posted impressive averages of 13.9 points and 4.2 rebounds while shooting 44.9 percent from the floor and 38.7 percent from distance.

With his efforts, not only has he garnered recognition from fans and praise from some of the game's all-time legends, but he also earned himself a multi-year contract with the franchise along the way.

Per his own admission, none of this would have been possible had he not grinded on through some of the most challenging times in his basketball career.