Former team executive believes Grizzlies could trade 2024 lottery pick

Memphis Grizzlies v Cleveland Cavaliers
Memphis Grizzlies v Cleveland Cavaliers / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

One of the primary benefits of this Memphis Grizzlies team enduring one of their worst campaigns in recent memory in 2023-24 is that they now find themselves heading into this year's offseason with a lottery selection in tow.

Wrapping up with a putrid record of 27-55, as things currently stand the ball club holds a 7.5 percent chance of nabbing the number one overall pick in this year's NBA Draft, though, at the very least, considering they hold the seventh-worst record a top-10 selection seems incredibly likely.

While many are already clamoring about who Zach Kleiman and company could look to snag with their prestigious selection, with some already tabbing UConn center Donovan Clingan as a good fit for the rotation considering their need for a new center, during a recent sitdown with The Athletic's Kelly Iko, former Grizzlies executive John Hollinger revealed that he believes the front office could opt to move the pick in some sort of trade.

Former Grizzlies executive believes team could trade lottery pick

"I could see Memphis moving that pick, yes, given they’re on a win-now timeline with the Jackson-Bane-Morant group. Again, it’s going to be about the opportunity that presents itself."

John Hollinger

Of course, the main reason why the Grizzlies should even consider trading such a high-end draft pick should be that they believe they could acquire a package that better fits their win-now agenda which, Hollinger admits, isn't necessarily a guarantee.

"This draft might not be strong enough for another team to put together an enticing package to get the pick from Memphis."

John Hollinger

Should Memphis opt to keep their selection, the belief is that they will strongly consider bolstering their center position with a low-cost, highly touted young big, and Hollinger further pounded the proverbial drum that someone like Clingan could be an enticing option to consider.

Regardless of whether they hold onto their upcoming lottery pick or sell high on it, the ultimate goal for this Grizzlies team seems to be for them to try and better their odds of contending for a title as soon as next season.

Over the next couple of months, a clearer picture is bound to be painted regarding which course of action gives them their best chance of accomplishing such a goal.