Jaren Jackson Jr. drops 3-word take on Jake LaRavia after Grizzlies beat Sixers

Memphis Grizzlies v Philadelphia 76ers
Memphis Grizzlies v Philadelphia 76ers / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

Wednesday night, the Memphis Grizzlies claimed their sixth win-streak of the 2023-24 campaign, as they downed the Philadelphia 76ers by a final score of 115-109.

A back-and-fourth affair throughout, Taylor Jenkins' club saw many contributors step up to aid in their late-game comeback, as five different players managed to drop 15 points or more on the night.

Perhaps the most surprising performance of all was the 19 points, 13 rebounds, and 3 blocks that sophomore Jake LaRavia registered during his 32 minutes of action, which marked his second straight double-double after Memphis' previous win over the Brooklyn Nets.

Following the contest, star Jaren Jackson Jr. was seen praising the two-guard for his efforts, noting that "he's got game" and that he's had a fan in the big man since first arriving to the Grizzlies two summers ago.

Jaren Jackson Jr. praises Jake LaRavia after Grizzlies win over Sixers

"I've been loving his game since he came here. [These] past couple of games he's really been figuring it out, just being aggressive, using his size a little bit more. He's always had the handle but pairing it with his size and how he's crashing like that, I mean, effort is a skill so when you're always in that mode [and] that gear it's special to see so I'm happy for him."

Jaren Jackson Jr.

Jackson would close off his praise-filled commentary on the 22-year-old by stating that, in order for them to keep winning games, "we need that all the time."

LaRavia proved to be the second-highest scorer on his team and third highest scorer in total on the night, with Jackson unsurprisingly paving the way in this department with a whopping 30 points to go along with his 11 rebounds and 6 blocks.

Hopefully, these Grizzlies can keep this momentum going while heading into their Friday bout against the Atlanta Hawks, a team that, like this 76ers squad, is slated to be heavily undermanned as they've recently been ravaged by injuries.