3 obvious moves Taylor Jenkins must make to maximize Grizzlies lottery odds

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Monday evening, Taylor Jenkins earned his 200 win as head coach of the Memphis Grizzlies. With this, he now trails only Lionel Hollins (214) in the running for the title of winningest coach in franchise history.

Though, technically, Jenkins has a chance to claim the top spot this season being there are still 20 games left to be played, with the way 2023-24 has gone, the likelihood of such a feat happening is rather low.

Frankly, that's more than ok.

Moves Taylor Jenkins must make to better Grizzlies lottery odds

During these final months of action, the headman's main priority should be bettering the club's odds of claiming a high-end lottery pick as they look to get themselves back into the title-contender conversation come next season.

For them to do this, there are a few obvious moves that Jenkins must make.

3. Continue to give G League players big minutes

Because of the slew or injuries that have ravaged this Grizzlies rotation throughout the year, in an effort to fill out minutes and, in some instances, simply to stave off penalties due to having a lack of active players, the ball club has frequently called up talents from their G League affiliate team, the Memphis Hustle.

From Scotty Pippen Jr. to Trey Jemison, Taylor Jenkins has seen a bevy of developmental players come across serious action within his lineup this year. Though it hasn't equated to much team success, the frequent call-ups have provided these youngsters with valuable experiences as they look to keep their NBA hopes alive.

Already, we've seen previous two-way guys like Vince Williams Jr. and GG Jackson morph themselves into diamond-in-the-rough grabs for the franchise.

This alone should encourage Jenkins to continue giving G Leaguers ample minutes moving forward, for not only does it give them a better understanding of what they may have right under their noses but, should all else fail, it still provides the Grizzlies with a way to keep their record low and, in turn, their lottery-odds high.