3 Grizzlies who must have strong finishes to regular season

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2023-24 has been one of the most challenging and overall disappointing league years the Memphis Grizzlies have endured in quite some time. Fortunately, in just two weeks, they'll officially be able to put the season behind them and start prepping for ones that have yet to come.

At 24-49, it's more than evident that Taylor Jenkins' squad has underperformed significantly based on previous campaigns, and, even with the fact that they have one of the league's easiest schedules moving forward, one should expect their struggles to continue until the final buzzer sounds on game 82.

Nevertheless, this projected reality likely won't stop Grizzlies players from trying to put their best foot forward during this closing stretch run, for many could use for a strong finish to the regular season for a multitude of reasons.

Memphis Grizzlies players that must finish regular season strong

From financial incentives to securing a more stable future, there are a number of motivating factors for several of Memphis' talents to show out during these final few weeks of the year.

3. Jake LaRavia

Though it's hard to argue that he's managed to live up to his 19 overall selection from the 2022 NBA Draft, as of late Jake LaRavia has been showing flashes.

After lighting it up in the G League earlier this season, the 22-year-old has gradually earned himself a consistent role within coach Taylor Jenkins' rotation and, throughout the month of March, has gone on to make the most of the opportunity.

Over a span of 14 games, the sophomore is posting an impressive stat-line of 13.5 points, 5.0 rebounds, 2.0 assists, and 1.3 steals in 27.4 minutes a night.

Still in need of improvement is his shooting efficiency, as he's only cashing in on 36.3 percent of his attempts from the floor, which is a number that he must look to try and up during these final days of the season for, if he can do that, it may be the difference between him staying put for next season or being sent packing during the summer.