Grizzlies analyst drops truth bomb on rising star Desmond Bane

Memphis Grizzlies v Detroit Pistons
Memphis Grizzlies v Detroit Pistons / Nic Antaya/GettyImages

The Memphis Grizzlies come into Friday night's bout against the surging Minnesota Timberwolves as winners of three of their last four games and are fresh off a tremendous victory over the Detroit Pistons.

Though ultimately a team effort, the ball club was able to claim win number six on the year thanks to the spectacular performance of rising star guard Desmond Bane, who registered a new career-high in points with 49.

However, his swift long-range jumper was surprisingly not the main component in his high-end scoring affair, as he would do most of his damage from inside the arc considering he only splashed in four of his eight total three-pointers.

This particular approach, along with his strong facilitation game and rebounding performance out in Detroit caught the attention of Grind City Media's Gary Parrish who, during a recent episode of his eponymous show, praised the Grizzlies guard for his stellar development as a player since coming into the league back in 2020.

Grizzlies guard Desmond Bane praised for development as a player

"15 made baskets inside the arc for Desmond Bane [against the Pistons] is not the scouting report on him coming out of college. This is all stuff that he has developed really over the past couple of years but it's clearly there now. He's not just a shooter. He is one of the best shooters in the world, but he is so obviously not just that anymore."

Gary Parrish on Desmond Bane

Fellow analyst Bennett Doyle would chime in on Bane's eye-catching development during the episode by noting that this level of play "obviously gets you excited about Ja [Morant] coming back and the possibilities of this backcourt," which is something fans will likely be able to bare witness to later this month once the superstar guard's 25-game suspension is officially lifted.

The 25-year-old stated following Memphis' 116-102 triumph over the Pistons that he's been focused on honing his skills as a baller and developing beyond being just a scoring threat, saying in an on-court interview that he's "just trying to become a more complete player."

Fortunately, it appears these desires are officially becoming a reality in 2023-24 and Parrish, Doyle, and Grizzlies nation as a whole are currently seeing it come to life right in front of their eyes.

Hopefully, he can continue to put forth yet another strong showing like this in their home tilt against the T-Wolves, a team that just recently blew them out by a final score of 119-96.

On the year, Bane finds himself posting truly impressive per-game averages of 25.1 points, 5.4 assists, 4.5 rebounds, 1.4 steals, and just shy of a block while shooting 46.6 percent from the floor and 37.5 percent from distance.