3 Grizzlies who should be given bigger roles in rotation

Memphis Grizzlies v Orlando Magic
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2. John Konchar

Despite his familiarity of coach Jenkins' system considering his five years and counting residing in the 38103, John Konchar's usage thus far into the season has been wildly sporadic, as he's seen fewer than five minutes in two of his last three games played.

Interestingly enough, even with his diminished utilization, recent reports indicate that he is still viewed as a trade target for several teams across the association.

With this, increasing the forward's role within the rotation could theoretically stand to benefit the Grizzlies in numerous ways, for not only could his skill set actually help on the court but, should he produce well enough, it could also aid in a rise in both his stock and the number of prospective buyers on the trade market.

Though far from a star in this league, Konchar has established himself as a quality two-way rotational player and a solid spot starter since signing with Memphis as an undrafted free agent back in 2019.

On top of sporting career averages of 12.5 points and 10.9 rebounds per 100 possessions for his career while shooting 36.9 percent from distance, the 27-year-old is a sound contributor on the less glamorous side of the ball, as he registers 1.8 blocks with these aforementioned parameters and is a +1.8 defender.

Whether for selfish reasons like improving his value on the market for a greater haul or simply to find some spark for this struggling Grizzlies rotation, throwing Konchar a larger role might not be the worst idea for this franchise.