Memphis Grizzlies: Latest on JaMychal Green and current payroll overview

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With the final roster nearly set in stone, the Grizzlies have one noticeable question that needs answering – what’s next for JaMychal Green?

With the signings from the 2017 offseason, the Memphis Grizzlies don’t have much room to add talent, even moving past this season.

The Grizzlies and JaMychal Green have yet to come to terms on a contract to keep him on Beale Street. While the Grizzlies have already reportedly offered a contract to the blooming young forward, Green has decided that perhaps he’s worth more than said offer, considering the market and the money fellow free agents are commanding.

Usually, a team in Memphis’ shoes would consider letting Green walk, but it just isn’t that simple. Since the Grizzlies have accepted all of Green’s team options up to this free agency, he’s a restricted free agent. In other words, General Manager Chris Wallace can match any offer in terms of money.


Say for example, a team offered JaMychal Green a 4-year, $40 million deal. The Grizzlies could offer a 5-year, (maximum amount of years a team is allowed to offer to RFA’s) $40. While Green would make more money annually with the first offer, it’s more payroll-friendly from Memphis’ standpoint with the second. Again, we know nothing about the numbers in terms of offers, this is just an example.

Restricted free agents also come with a small gift – something most people refer to as “Bird Rights.” All this means is that the team can go over the salary cap (this year, it’s a tad over $99 million) to retain a player’s services without penalty. Once again, thanks, Kevin Durant!

It’s been suggested that Memphis intends to retain JaMychal’s services. While this doesn’t come as a surprise, it appears the two sides are still far apart on agreeing to terms on a new deal. While these talks may drag out, don’tt get worried, Grizz fans! JaMychal Green will likely be back next season – after all, he has no choice.

Rest of the Payroll

Even without the signing of Green, Memphis is still in the luxury tax . With the signings of Ben McLemore and Tyreke Evans, their current active payroll is a little over $103 million with 14 guaranteed deals, according to Basketball Insiders’ Eric Pincus.

The numbers that currently hurt the team are Mike Conley and Chandler Parsons’ contracts. While Conley has absolutely deserved every penny of that contract, I’m simply stating it’s just not the most friendly of deals. Conley is set to make around $120 million over the next four seasons, assuming the Early Termination Option (ETO) isn’t implemented for the 2020-21 season.

Parsons has three years remaining and will make over $72 million. Until he shows he can stay healthy while make in impact on both ends much like he did in Houston and Dallas, this deal is a dud and will hurt the team’s payroll going forward.

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Both Conley and Parsons’ deals have annual increases. The reason the salary cap went from an estimated $102 million to $99 million is due to the short playoffs we just witnessed, headlined by the dominance of the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors retained their key players, and added some players that’ll have an impact as well. If Golden State’s reign of terror holds up, who’s to say those number won’t continue to go down?

The Memphis Grizzlies managed to put together a roster that should keep them in the Western Conference playoff picture. While they will remain a fun and competitive team, there just isn’t the room financially to improve the team for years to come. It’ll be interesting to see what Chris Wallace has up his sleeve moving forward.